Our Beans

Our beans are sourced from the best Espresso roasters in the Northwest.

Each is selected based on its origin, quality, blend, and more importantly taste. And each bean is also selected carefully for its best intended use, whether it is a ristretto, a latte, drip or a pour over.

Parioli by Caffe D’Arte is a full bodied strong espresso with chocolate tones perfect for Lattes
Espresso Vita by Vivace is blended and roasted for the perfect caffe latte. It is designed to feature a strong note of caramel when combined with milk products. Incredible body makes this blend ideal for pour overs as well.
Espresso Vita 2
Meaning of Life by Caffe D’Arte  is a balanced and aromatic medium dark roast.
Meaning of Life
Valletri by Caffe D’Arte, a wood roasted (Alderwood) blend, is a unique and exceptional bean used for our fresh brewed coffees.


Organico by Caffe D’Arte is a delicious organic & fair trade bean used for our drip.
Mexican Nirate, a delicious single origin coffee perfect for pour overs.
Unknown Coffee 02
Brazil, an artisan single origin coffee roasted to perfection for pour overs.

Unknown Coffee 01