Latte Comp

Spokane’s 1st Annual Latte Art Competition


Join us at Caffe Affogato in Spokane on September 24th for a Latte Art Competition & Celebration!

Cheer your favorite barista on! This competition is friendly and spirited, combining a celebration of fine coffee with talented professionals creating great latte art in a fun atmosphere.

No buy in! Free for all! Free food! Maybe a band.
Local celebrity judge!!!!
Generous cash prize provided by Caffe D’arte!!!!!
Keg care of La Marzocco USA and there’s a micro brewery inside the event!

Prizes from Visions Espresso Dr. Smoothie Caffe D’arte The Coffee Warehouse, Inc. Protein Puck MONIN

Sign up using the form on the Caffe D’arte Coffee Roasters webpage.

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