Welcome to Caffé Affogato!




My childhood memories of the rich aromas of wood-roasted coffee permeating through the windows of three hundred year-old coffee shops are as intoxicating as my first taste of the hot, caramelized nectar of wood-roasted coffee beans poured over delicious ice cream. I always wondered how anything could taste so delicious. Since I was too young to visit coffee shops by myself; I’d beg my father and anxiously wait for days until he would take me for another mystic intoxication. Once there, he would order a cup of Turkish coffee as he played backgammon and chatted about politics with friends, while I enjoyed the warm intoxication of drinking my Affogato and licking the glass clean. I miss many of life’s treasures granted me back then. But now I am able to recreate and pass on some of the love and beauty I experienced in those old coffee shops. At Caffe Affogato, we select the best traditional Italian roasters to stay true to the historical and culinary traditions of the old world. Here you will experience, and discover, authentic wood-roasted Italian espressos and coffee drinks made by artisans with love. So come experience the finest; and journey into a world of coffee where magic could be a sip away.